about me

I like looking at the world around me and the people in it, trying to understand how it works and fits together. That’s why I sketch and create art.

I design

Professionally I work as a UX designer at the Met Office. It’s a fascinating place to work that helps many people and businesses with day to day things (e.g. can I hang my washing out) to extreme things (e.g. Mountain Rescue saving lives amongst storms and lightning).

I dance

Nia logoNia is fusion dance with mindfulness, combining the power and precision of martial arts, expression of dance and comfort and pleasure of healing arts. I teach a class for staff at Met Office employees and will start a public class in 2020.

And I like Beards

sadie moisan with a fortune telling beard

I’m modelling a fortune telling beard I created for the 2014 British Beard and Moustache Championships in Bath in this picture. It’s the World Championship in Antwerp in 2019. It’s a thing. Admittedly a niche thing.