I’ll be offering Nia dance classes in Exeter, UK in April 2019 and will add class location and times to my Nia teacher profile soon.

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What is it?

Nia is fusion dance with mindfulness. It combines the power and precision of martial arts, the expression of dance and the comfort and pleasure of healing arts.

An hour long class is danced barefoot with a warm up & down and is suitable for every body and ability. There is awesome music too.

Who created it?

Nia hasn’t made it to Exeter quite yet! It was created 35 years ago by a couple in America who wanted to find a better way to move as the Aerobics industry they worked in had high rates of injuries amongst trainers, including themselves. They went back to basics and learnt many movement forms (martial arts, yoga, dance etc) and created the Nia Technique.

Where else in the UK?

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There tend to be hotspots of Nia as students genuinely fall in love with it with some deciding to teach themselves. The closest hotspots to Exeter are Bristol or the Cotswolds. The South west presence is growing with a teacher in Somerset and Taunton.